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Watch video to see how I unban 30 seconds in chat roulette, full video instruction.

Without boundary  removal of  ban on chat roulette

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Exclamation point of chat roulette

Program works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10

Works on all browsers: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser

All the secrets about how to unban in many chatroulettes

Unban using free vpn servers

VPN service to change IP address

Principle of operation of VPN proxy server.

Method 1: Unban VPN server

A VPN server changes your ip adress and location. With the help of a VPN server you can unban from a chatroulette 1 time. The next time you can't unban with a VPN server bacause chatroulettes are protected from changing the IP adress and location. Instead of the ban you will see an exclamation mark on a white bachground. This exclamation mark you'll see every time you enter through a VPN connection. We found a way to to unlock the network and make you visit the chatroulette websites with an unique program that changes the IS of your webcam. This program is unique in the world and instead of a VPN connection it can be used multiple times. To test the program you can use it for free a few times. After you realised that the program works perfectly you can buy the program. In the video above you can see how fast the program runs. In the video below you can see teh insttruction on how the program removes the ban in the chatroulette sites. The webcam ID makes the ban complete. We alternate that!

Unban by cleaning up cookies and change ip addresses

CCleaner program for cleaning computer from garbage

CCleaner — a free program to optimize and clean system.

Method 2: Unban by cleaning up cookies and change ip addresses

If you want to use CCLeaner you need to download the program for free and install the program. After you have installed the program you press on the button analyze to start analyzing your computer for cookies and you computers history. After that you need to press on the button to clean up your cookies and computer history. If you have an internet connection through ethernet and cable, you need to unplug it clean up the pc and restart the computer. After the restart plug the cable back in. If you have your internet connection through a WiFi router the you need to turn the router off and switch it back on again. With this you change the dynamic IP address. Normally the chatbann will be lifted. This will only work once but probably the bann will be reïnstated. If you get banned again it will not work again. Only 10% off the time with this method was used, it actually worked. The percentage of success is extremely low.

Unban with help of a program to change id of web camera

Program to change id webcam

A unique program to change id webcam unban in video chats:




















and many others video chats world...

Method 3: Unban change id of web camera

In March 2016 there was an algorithm update that prevents people from bypassing the bann on chat roulette websites. After this update was made people who are using a VPN connection would see an exclamation mark that is shown in their screen. This prevents you from using the website with a VPN connection. Cleaning your browser history with CCLeaner doesn't work eighter anymore. Chat roulette websites use an unique identificator software. What would work is use for example google chrome in incognito modus, but it will only work once. When you get banned again, this solution will not work anymore. And the previous bann is not lifted. The BEST way to to unban on chat roulette websites is to use a program to change your wecam ID. With help of the program change-webcam-id you will be unbanned very fast and you don't have to change anything. You can use the program indefinitely times. It unfortunatly only works on windows vista, 7, 8 and 10. For Android and Apple software there is not a program on the market yet. The program changes the unique ID of your computer and the webcam your using so that the bann will be lifted. I personally bought this program because it works very easy, is fast, and works every time. It doesn't require installation and it works fully automaticly after you pressed the button to change teh webcam ID. Then after 3 minutes the bann is lifted. After that you can all the fun on the chatroulette websites as you want. The program I recommend to everyone who is 18+ is the change webcam ID. Download the change webcam ID for free and find out for yourself!!  Free download program to change id webcam

Hide in chat program ManyCam

Hide chat roulette program ManyCam

[Warning Watcher Virtual cam ManyCam Detected]

When you get the massage that users are forbidden to use  program ManyCam

If you don't want to uninstall ManyCam software from your computer then use the program change webcam id. It has an feature in which you can hide that you are using ManyCam. Manycam is detected in alternated in just 20 seconds and it will hide on your computer undetectable for the chat roulette websites. To learn more about this feature in change webcam ID just click below on the "watch video lesson" button and look at a youtube video showing you how the program works using ManyCam in chatroulette.

How to remove triangle in chatroulette

Exclamation point of chat roulette

How to remove triangle in chat roulette

To remove the exclamation mark in chatroulette after using change webcam ID, you need to:

After changing the ID of your webcam you need to restart your computer. If you have a WiFi router you need to restart the WiFi router or just wait 15 minutes and the triangle will be deleted for the database. Do not use a VPN, otherwise triangle will not be removed.

Saving settings of browsers

Program for unban chat roulette

Saving settings of browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Yandex

Menu selection buttons of browser to visit chat.

Menu selection buttons of browser to visit chat. When you click on selected browser, changing computer settings and clean settings for selected browser settings for all other browsers remain. Details instructions

After using program to change id web camera, You'll Unban in Chatroulette infinite number of times.

program installation is not required program requires Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

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