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Without boundary the removal of the ban on chat roulette

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The program works on Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 8,Windows 10

Works on all browsers: Opera,Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,Yandex Browser

All the secrets of how to unban in Chatroulette

Unban using the free servers

Method 1: Unban VPN server

The proxy server changes Your real ip address.When chat roulette was trying to communicate with Your computer and get Your ip address,Chatroulette to get an Ip address as another computer on the network. If necessary, try different proxy servers.

The principle of operation of VPN proxy server.

Unban by cleaning up cookies and change ip addresses

Method 2: Unban by cleaning up cookies and change ip addresses

Need free download and install the program CCleaner,after you install the program,click analyze,then click cleanup,you must now restart the Internet connection.If You have a wired Internet,unplug the Internet cord from your computer if You have Internet through Fi Fi router,then you need to turn it off and on,to change the dynamic ip address.After these operation, the chat ban will be lifted,but maybe he will appear again if You still manage to make so ban,the next ban,it probably won't help. If You still manage to make so ban,the next ban,it probably won't help.

CCleaner — a free program to optimize and clean the system.

Unban with the help of a program to change the id of the web camera

A unique program to change id webcam unban in video chats:












and many others...

Method 3: Unban change the id of the web camera

Hello, dear Friend! Why not to use a proxy or vpn servers to disguise himself from being banned on chat roulette? Answer:1) through proxy and vpn servers Internet connection speed very much is lost 2) If you hide ban using proxies and vpn servers in chat roulette due to weak Internet connection in the chat will be permanently black Windows,and You and the interlocutor,that is,if the person clicks the next button and sees a black screen for at least 2-5 seconds,then of course he is not interested to look at a black screen,and it clicks the next button,not 2 not 5 seconds while You have the camera appears in chat,maybe much more,it depends on your vpn or proxy server,and it does not matter a paid server or free,the result will still be not the same that You expect,You will not be able to communicate properly in chat ,'ll only waste your time not achieving results,and 3) most importantly,if the ban is not removed,and hide it using proxies and vpn servers,then in chat You will not see the interlocutor,that is, if You wait like 10 seconds and You will see the image of the interlocutor,You'll think that everything is OK,but actually he does not see,sees a black screen,it just sits on the couch and thinks the girl closes the peephole webcam and stoned from it)) 4) If you cleaned the PC with CCleaner prog ,we can help,but not the fact that the ban can not leave for a long time,maybe in the chat again, You will not be visible,even if will see,the ban will definitely pop up again the same or a new one if the 2 times You are banned,it is unlikely that the program CCleaner will help already,the ban will not disappear. 5) If you use ctrl+shift+N will appear in the browser such as Google chrome anonymous mode,then ban disguise yourself,but again,in chat you will not see You or anyone ,and will quickly switch because hiding the ban has not in any cases!!! You only hide the window of payment,and all ,and as such the ban left!!!. Once in the Internet and found a review of the program to change the ID web camera,he says that it helps very quickly unban in Chatroulette and chatalternative.I decided to try,and lo and behold within 1 minute unban me in chatalternative. Began testing the program in other chats,the program removed unban.Program to unban in video chats relieves infinite number of times.The program I recommend to all!

The program for removing super ban chat roulette

Hide in the chat program ManyCam

Im users are forbidden to use the program ManyCam

If You don't want to uninstall ManyCam from your computer,with the help of a program to change the id of the webcam you can hide the program to chat by clicking on the button ManyCam Detected already after just 20 seconds the program hides on your computer ManyCam.

[Warning Watcher Virtual cam ManyCam Detected]

How to remove the triangle in chatroulette

To remove the exclamation mark in the chat roulette you need:

After changing the id of the webcam restart your computer,if You have a Wi-Fi router,you need to restart Wi-Fi router,or wait 15 minutes and the triangle is deleted from the database.

How to remove the triangle in chat roulette

Saving the settings of the browsers

Menu selection buttons of the browser to visit the chat.

Menu selection buttons of the browser to visit the chat. When you click on the selected browser,changing computer settings and clean settings for the selected browser settings for all other browsers remain.Details instructions

Saving the settings of the browsers:Mozilla Firefox,Opera,Google Chrome,Explorer,Yandex

After using the program to change the id web camera, You'll Unban in Chatroulette infinite number of times.

The program installation is not required

The program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

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